I was doing a little drywall yesterday on a job site in Down Town Vancouver and received a call from a client in North Vancouver. The call went like this.

Client: "John, what is the name of your plumber?"

Me: "I have a few, which one?"

Client: "The one that worked on our home."

Me: "Dean, Why?"

Clinet: "Because we can hear water running behind the wall. _____ shut the water off to the house and the noise stops. Any ideas?"

Me: "I'll be right over."

Not what you want to hear. I was sick to mu stomach and raced towards the North Shore Mountains to check our work.

Here is what I found.

I could hear the water from under the kitchen sink, the powder room bathroom, the Laundry room, Mechanical room and outside hose tap. I could not hear the sound from the new supply lines my plumber feed the master ensuite.

To rule out straight away that it was not my plumbers fault or the fault of me or any of my trades I shut down the new ensuite completely. The sound is still there.

We tried checking the toilets to see if they where running. Nope.

Checked that the hotwater tank was not leaking. Nope. I even turned off the hot water tank and the sound continues.

We checked the main water connection to the house and found this.

The connection and access leaves much to be desired and the shutoffs are under water! WTF

I scooped out the water was fast as I could with my Slurpee cup and the water level came back within 2 minutes.

So - if the sounds stops after this connection is turned off is it most likely we have a leak in the original plumbing lines somewhere under the hose or is it safer to say the shut off itself is leaking. My gut thinks this and my plumber is going today to re-check my inspection and replace this shutoff.

Any other ideas?