I want to hang 2-3 8' fluorescent strip lights in my shop located 40' from the house. I want to power the shop lights (on rare occasions) by running an extension cord (on the ground and in good weather only) from the patio to the shop. Ideally, in my mind, I would plug in the extension cord into a receptacle on the patio, walk the female end up to the shop and plug in a male end (wired to the shop lights) and all shop lights would come on at the same time. When I'm done with the lights, I'd just unplug the extension cord, walk it back down to the house, roll it up and put it away.

1. Is this an acceptable practice?
2. What fluorescent fixtures are good for hot or cold weather? (The light in my garage came from a Big Box store and works fine regardless of temperature.

Thanks in advance.