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Thread: Strengthening up ceiling rafters in garage

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    Default Strengthening up ceiling rafters in garage

    Doing some work in my detached 2car garage, the current ceiling construction is 2x4 rafters spaced 24" oc

    The garage is roughly 22ft x 26ft (wall with garage door is 22ft across)

    Previous owner put some 15/32 OSB up in the rafters for storage, I've got a few things up there but I'm hesitant to add much weight to it without strengthening up everything first.

    Here's a bad picture of the current ceiling structure..

    I do a lot of work on cars in this garage, and usually have a car in the garage sideways in order to get around to all the sides - so adding a support beam in the middle is not an option. What I'm debating on is custom ordering some 2x4's to go the entire 26ft span and sistering the rafter, or running a 4x6 beam across the 22ft span, and supporting that with a 6x6 beam up against each side wall. Also considering removing the current osb and sistering the 2x4 rafters with 2x6's or 2x8's, although I'd have to trim them at the top plate to fit with the angle of the roof

    Any suggestions? If at all possible id rather avoid having any beams as with all the tools its a tight fit in this garage as is.
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