Here is the scenario. I bought a home two months ago. Last night, my daughter took a bath and left the water in there instead of draining it. Several hours later I was in the basement and heard a dripping sound. Water was dripping through the drop ceiling below the bathtub. At this point, the water was still in the plugged bath tub. So we drained the tub, cleaned up the mess and I shut the water off to the tub overnight. This morning, I checked and everything was dry so I turned the water back on at the shut off valve. Again, dry. I tell my son to go take a shower as normal. When he starts the water from the faucet it starts leaking pretty good. It is coming out all around the drain shoe. Once he turns the shower on, it leaks less, but still leaks. I was thinking it was the gasket, but why was it leaking while the tub was plugged last night? Could the drain plug just need to be tightened on to the drain shoe? Help~!