First let me say that I really appreciate the folks here that contribute. I've been reading here as a guest for several months now as I've been leaning toward getting a water treatment system and learned quite a bit from you. Most other subjects you can find several different info sources and discussion forums for DIY, but water treatment is difficult to find good info. I feel more confident in the info gained from this site than what I have been able to get from my local water treatment professionals. So however arrogant or ignorant it may be, I've given up on those guys and ordered a system online and signed up here.

I have a well that gives good water other than taste, smell, and staining the showers. Tests clean from a health standpoint. I get about 12gpm out of it.

Hardness about 6gpg, iron about 1ppm, some H2S in both hot and cold. pH is about 7.5. I drink it, my wife and kids don't. I clean the showers, and I've had it. The iron staining is a real pain.

The pros around here all recommend softeners with a little bit of KDF. I was going to get a Water Right Sanitizer Plus but instead decided to go generic for a fraction of the cost.

I ordered a 1.5cf 48K iron softener. Fleck 5600SXT with fine mesh resin and 15lbs of KDF. I chose 15lbs because that's about what's in a Sanitizer plus 1054 tank.

One of the subjects I'd like some input on is the setup in terms of balancing water/salt efficiency with resin life. I understand the compromise and backwash challenge with fine mesh resin and KDF. With my compensated hardness of 10ish gpg at a rate of about 500 gals per day, my daily softening load is 5000 grains. I should be able to cover that at 6-8lbs/cf salt and a weekly regeneration. Is weekly regeneration with my levels of hardness, iron, and H2S reasonable and going to give me long media life? I know I can't use Iron Out with the KDF. Is there any reason to regenerate with more salt than the charts say you should need? Should I be regenerating more based on a number of days instead of by capacity?