I am currently in the process of purchasing a home with a well, and have had the water tested but want some advice on what we can use to treat the problems. We have had two people come test the water, but both rep their own specific companies that they try to sell, and we want a more objective opinion or to hear from people with experience with certain products. Thank you in advance for your help!

Filters or Softeners HAGUE SOFTENER
Before or after pressure tank AFTER
Type of filter NONE
Bypass available YES

Water Used For?
House Use YES
Number of baths ONE
Number of People TWO

Problems Experienced
Iron and sulfer in water

Test results:
Bacteria: Not Present
Sulfur: 2ppm
Hardness: 8 gpg before softener
1 gpg after softener
Iron: 1 before softener
.5 after softener
TDS: 150-210
PH: 7.5
Manganese: .2-.5

There is an existing water softener by Hague but I do not know the age of the unit and not sure if it needs replaced or not. It is treating some of the iron but not all, so we're not sure if it needs replaced or if there is something else we can add to treat the rest of the iron issue. We also need something to treat the sulfur smell. Culligan came out and offered either a sulfur filter for $350 + filters replaced as needed, or their Iron Soft Plus system for $3500 which would replace everything we have and supposedly treat all our issues. We also had Kinetico come out but their solutions were 2-3x the price of the Culligan system, which really isn't in the budget right now. I have found a lot of different systems online as well (Hague, PuriTeam, EcoWater, Ecodyne at Lowe's, Aquasana, Aquatell, and US Water Systems) but have no idea how to begin telling what will work and what won't. Just looking for some un-biased advice!