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Thread: Anyone ever heard of UltraCAST tubs?

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    Default Anyone ever heard of UltraCAST tubs?

    Hi there:

    We're looking to remodel our old condo bathroom, and we've narrowed our bathtub choices down to a Sterling Performa tub (made of Vikrell) and a Briggs Liberty tub (made of something called UltraCAST.)

    I've seen plenty of posts here about the Vikrell tubs, but haven't seen anything on UltraCAST. It sounds similar to the Americast tubs made by American Standard. Here's what the Menard's web site says about the Briggs tub:



    The tub will get plenty of use—at least 2-3 showers a day and 4-5 baths a week—so we want something that will hold up to a family of four. And we can't use cast iron because we live in a fourth-floor walk-up with crazy tight stairs.

    Any input would be appreciated...

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    Have never heard of UltraCAST tubs but its good to try something new and make use of it. Bathroom Remodeling is quite essential to make it look good.
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    Briggs is a decent company. Many companies have jumped on the "cast" bandwagon.....Bootzcast, etc. I would investigate and compare warranties and installation specs.

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