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Thread: Wanted Toto's best for Rental Unit

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    Default Wanted Toto's best for Rental Unit

    I have a 4-plex and it's time to go low flo. One old unit has a big footprint, so I need a Toto that will cover well, it can be elongated. The other unit needs a petit unit. Which one? Drake it too big, I love mine at home. Please help me pick out the best choices.

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    The Drake is normally a pretty big foot print. If it needs to be even bigger, you can look at the Dartmouth or Clayton.
    Also the Soiree and Guinevere are even bigger. Those seem like ovekill for a rental unit though.
    For petite, the Drake does come in round, which is 1-1/2" shorter then the elongated. The Promenade also comes in round.

    Do you have the standard 12" rough-in, or is it something like 14"?

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    One other thought for your smaller room may be how big the toilet "feels" in the room, provided its dimensions otherwise work. Our Carlyle II is like a skirted Ultramax II. Because of their shape, and their low-ish and narrow-ish tanks, they don't "feel" big in the room at all; at least that's my personal impression. (The Ultramax II is only 16.6" wide at the tank's widest point, and it tapers towards the top and is thin.) So if you actually have room in the small room, the shape and feel of the toilet may be something as well to consider.

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    A little more detail on the space requirement would help. Rough-in size and space in front limits in particular. Width is seldom a problem in a replacement. Code requires 15" for the center of the toilet to the wall on each side. Rough-in is from the flange bolts on the old toilet to the back wall, not to the baseboard. The Drake and Dartmouth although listed as 12" rough-in, actually will fit on a smaller space. Give is some measurement and data, and we can better advise you. Space permitting, I'd lean to the Drake for a rental.

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