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Thread: cost to re-pipe a ranch house???????

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    Default cost to re-pipe a ranch house???????

    Hello, I am thinking of buying a bank repo. It is a 1400 sq ft ranch with 1.5 baths on the first floor, a half bath, laundry and wet bar in the basement. the copper plumbing has been stolen, hot water tank is also gone. I know the cost of copper has gone crazy too.

    What would a plumber charge to re-pipe this house and put in a typical chimney vented hot water tank? The basement ceiling is mostly gone, the copper thief ripped out most of the ceiling tiles himself. So, everything is pretty easy to get at. The basement ceiling is about 7 feet so it is all ladder work.

    This is in Detroit. Could someone just ballpark it for me please?

    What the cost be in copper and what would it be in CPVC????
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    Default Repipe

    Even if we were in Detroit, so we would know the local wage and material cost structure, it would still not be enough without seeing the house to determine exactly how the piping would have to be installed. It could range from $2,000 to $6,000 for an extremely difficult repipe.

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    Default Thanks HJ

    HJ, What do you think of CPVC. As the price of copper goes up, do you think it will become the standard?

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    Default ez beans

    $$ 5000 for the re-pipe $$$$7500 for the body guards

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    Default Cost of Plumbing

    My neighbor just had a quote from a plumber for doing a tub faucet replacement:

    $126 for the first 50 minutes, and $106/hr thereafter.

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    I'll say $3,675.00 with a new heater.


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