I have a narrow strip I need to irrigate. About 3 feet wide and 20 feet long. I removed the sprinkler head which was a throw head that was rotating 180 degrees so I was wasting a lot of water since most of the rotation was irrigating my brick driveway before either side of the strip got watered. The driveway runs along side this strip

I have now worked it out so one side of the strip is irrigated from another sprinkler head but I will lose the remaining strip if I do not get water to it. There is an available head at one end of the strip and the water pressure is really good. Is there a drip type of line I can buy that will attach to the available head and run the length of the strip so I can water this area. I do not want much of a throw because a vehicle will be parked along the edge of the strip and the iron in the well water in southeast Florida is terrible.


John H. Power