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Thread: Need help quick on bathtub install

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    Default Need help quick on bathtub install

    Finally broke down and had a plumber come by to see if they could quickly install a cast iron tub and a steel tub for me. They wanted $3500 so I am back to DIY mode.

    One tub is cast iron and will go into a bath on second floor. I had run CI drain and p-trap which was set too high (for the tub we ended up with anyway) so now we will have to lift the tub a bit. I am a bit confused by the feet under the tub. It has six feet... two set close together on the non-apron side, two set far apart on the apron side, and two on the drain side. It seems that the apron is actually longer than the feet so that if you rest it on the floor it sits on the apron and the two far feet. So my first question is to do with the feet. If we are setting a stringer on the wall does the tub just sit on that and the apron or are the feet supposed to make contact? If so, how is this arranged?

    Also since we have to raise the tub, what can we put under the apron? I think it might need to be raised about 3/4"-1". Also, where would shims be placed if needed?

    For the steel tub, is a stringer along the back sufficient or does it need stringers on the drain and far side as well? This is a Bootzcast tub that has a built-in styrofoam bottom so no need for mortar. I assume we can shim under that pad? Does the apron need to make contact with the floor or is it purely cosmetic?

    Hoping to get as much done today as I can... we'll see if anyone is online on a Sunday!

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    My son Jamie and I were in Seattle last week installing a cast iron tub. Jamie lives in Seattle near Green Lake.
    I have some information here on setting a Kohler Cast Iron tub with pictures.
    The Bootz tub will install the same way.

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