Recently we have been having problems w/ water volume & pressure on our domestic service. I tried everything to remedy internally, but to no eval.
Replaced both filters, incresed pressure @ PRV (actual got worse after doing that) & cleaned all the sediment out of the shower & vanity fixtures. The only thing I can think of is that the Water Service is blocked or clogged at the meter pit & is giving me less volume then before (which was not that good anyway). Should I have the Meter cleaned & replaced to a 3/4" or 1" to match the service size.

My System Setup:

Meter Pit:
In 1" Poly line @ 100 to 120 psi
PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) 3/4" 30 psi drop
Meter 5/8" in/out
Out 1" Poly @ 70 psi

Service Entering Home:
1" poly to 3/4" copper.
2.5 gal thermal expansion tank

Water Filters:
1- Sediment filter (3 months between filter changes)
1- Taste & Oder filter (6 months between changes)
Pressure Gauge @ 70 psi / 50psi w/ use (1 fixture)

Water Heater:
Tankless Takagi T-K1S (just installed 3 months ago)

Thanks in advance,