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Thread: How many shut off valves do I need?

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    Question How many shut off valves do I need?

    I'm replacing my galvanized pipes with copper.
    I installed a new ball valve past the meter and a separate one leading into my hot water tank.
    Now I am putting in new pipes leading to all of the fixtures in the house--- bathroom (sink, toilet, and shower), laundry room (washing machine), outside faucets, and kitchen (sink and dishwasher).
    I have shut off valves at all the fixtures.
    Do I need other shut-off valves?

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    Default valves

    Where I live the city wants a valve on both sides of the meter.........

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    I don't know if it is code, but you really want a shutoff valve at each fixture. It makes eventual repairs sooo much easier. The only one that often doesn't have one is the tub/shower valve - and if one isn't built-in, you can add one when installing. That way, when you need to fix a leaky washer or cartridge, you don't have to live witout water in the whole house, especially if you need to run back to the store to get the right parts! It is especially helpful when remodeling, too.
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    You will want a shut off valve with an integral drain on the pipes going to outdoor faucets so you can shut them off and drain them for the winter.


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