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Thread: Water Stopping, Then Restarts Later

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    Default Water Stopping, Then Restarts Later

    I have well water. When we use water for a while for filling a tub, taking a shower, washing clothes, watering the flowers, etc., somtimes, but not always, the water will just stop. After a while, maybe 5 minutes, maybe less, the water comes back on. This doesn't happen all the time. It seems sort of random. It's been going on for about a year now. Just when it gets bad enough to think about calling a plumber, it then does fine for a while and we forget about it. As far as I know, it never happens for something simple like washing my hands or filling up a glass of water, just for bigger uses as described above.

    I think we have a submersible pump. I know where the storage tank is and can check it if someone will tell me what I need to look at.

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    If you have a shallow well , 80 foot or less, the water table may be dropping below your pump inlet.

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    I think the motor is tripping the automatic overload. It takes a few minutes to cool down then restarts the pump. It happens on the "bigger" jobs because the pump is cycling on and off too much. About the third or fifth time in a row it tries to cycle back on, it trips the overload. The motor was damaged before this started, and it gets more damage every time the overloads trips again. Better get ready to buy a new motor, and figure out how to stop the cycling so it doesn't happen again. It is possible that if you get the cycling stopped now, the pump may last quite a while longer, but there is no guarantee.

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