I just had my new shower (no tub) caulked. My contractor used silicone caulk (latasil), and I know that the shower was completely dry before caulking. The problem is that the shower was accidentally used for a 10 minute shower 4 hours after my contractor had finished, and then, once again for another 10 minutes, the next day. After the second shower, I figured out my son had used it (he vopletely forgot I had told him NOT to use the shower for 2 days I dried the seams (that had been caulked) with a towel and it has not been used since. It has been 2 days since it was used last.

When I press on the caulk, it feels somewhat soft, but does not feel sticky or tacky. My question is, do you think it will cure OK, and is there a way I can test the caulking to see if it is Ok, or what should I look for?