This is a rental home, so we can't do what we really want to. We could move, but aren't ready to just yet.

Bathroom was renovated before we moved in-they removed the tub, re-plumbed for shower, tiled the walls and put in the shower pan. Glass doors.

The pan is 30 x 60 inches.

I saw somewhere at sometime a tub liner like thingie that you simply place on top of the existing had the drain in the middle which lined up with the current drain.

Was this a wishful dream or a for real thing?

If real, is the tub side that meets the glass doors substantial to not wobble with H2O in it?

I can't re-plumb for a tub faucet so we will have to work with the existing shower on a jury rig scenario I guess.

This is only temporary, while we live here.

Possible dream of soaking in a tub again or just a pipe dream?

Going to a hotel every time we are going nuts to soak is too expensive!!

Thanks for all thoughts and any advise-smartarsed or otherwise!!