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Thread: We need a tub, NO! We must have a tub.

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    Question We need a tub, NO! We must have a tub.

    This is a rental home, so we can't do what we really want to. We could move, but aren't ready to just yet.

    Bathroom was renovated before we moved in-they removed the tub, re-plumbed for shower, tiled the walls and put in the shower pan. Glass doors.

    The pan is 30 x 60 inches.

    I saw somewhere at sometime a tub liner like thingie that you simply place on top of the existing pan..it had the drain in the middle which lined up with the current drain.

    Was this a wishful dream or a for real thing?

    If real, is the tub side that meets the glass doors substantial to not wobble with H2O in it?

    I can't re-plumb for a tub faucet so we will have to work with the existing shower on a jury rig scenario I guess.

    This is only temporary, while we live here.

    Possible dream of soaking in a tub again or just a pipe dream?

    Going to a hotel every time we are going nuts to soak is too expensive!!

    Thanks for all thoughts and any advise-smartarsed or otherwise!!


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    Mary Anne, did your contract/ your lease stipulate they were putting in a tub? I hate to tell you this but... if you moved in, saw there was not a tub, saw only the shower, and this was not brought up either written or verbally, then, Mary Anne, it is what it is.

    If you plan on staying there, you could try mentioning it to them, but, I would not expect them to put it in. The bath is finished right? You cannot fill up that area with water you will have a huge mess loads of possible damage, if I am understanding correctly what you are saying you want to fill up and asking about a wobble. That is meant only for a shower and will not hold water like a tub.

    I wish I could tell you some happier news Mary Anne. One thing, there are still lots of first-time home buyers incentives out there, and you maybe, could be looking into buying a home. Save up alittle and make that your dream! If you husband is a VA or you, you could use your VA benefits with a no down payment, and a much lower interest rate than what the market holds for a conventional.

    Hope this helps, if it doesn't I hope someone else will chime in with some good advice.
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    Well shoot, I replied and it went poof...try this again!

    Thanks Cookie.

    We want nothing permanent. The tub thingie that I saw was NOT permanent. No plumbing, no nothing. It was a 'fake' tub like liner that you simply placed inside the walk in shower, it lined up with the center drain and it was a tub.

    I can't locate one on the internet anywhere..but I saw it online.

    What I am asking is do these fake liner tub like vessels work? Does the wall of the tub that would be on the outside wobble...otherwords, is it non-flexible? I don't want swishing and flooded floors.

    I wouldn't dream of stopping up the drain and filling the shower with water.... Although a Houdini style vertical tank...seems good about now.

    We've looked at putting an outdoor tub on the patio and that will probably happen still but the skeeters here are super bad!!!

    Hope I made the need/want clearer now.

    And we aren't looking to buy in Florida, ever. We will buy when we cross that northern line at a later time!!!

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    I went, Whew! and wiped my brow when I read you were not going to fill up the area, LOL... Mary Anne, I have seen some things like that or worse in my travels. I can't help you with the fake liner, but, maybe someone else here can. My concern would be the weight of the water and how the floor under was supported, it probably is fine, but, since they removed the old tub? It makes me wonder about the support. But I am overzealous in making sure of things, so, maybe a plumber can jump in and give you a great reassurance all would be fine.

    I will tell you what we used to do when the boys were little. We own mountain property with water coming through conduit from our spring house, it only runs into the kitchen sink. We have a true outhouse. Now, I rigged up a garden hose nestled in the trees to take a shower but the boys like a tub. So, I bought a sizeable inflatable kiddie pool It was fun and they got clean and when I wanted to soak, I did in the kiddie pool. Something you could think about, lol, if push comes to shove.

    Even though you are not looking to buy, now is the time to save for the day you want to buy. And, if that day doesn't come, you got yourself a nice nest egg.

    Good Luck Mary Anne, I hope it all works out well for you. I love to soak too.

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