Hi all,

I'm not a plumber but am considering replacing three toilets in my parents place. They are wall mounted American Standard toilets, so I believe they are Glenwall models based on what I have read. They are gravity flush.

My questions are:
1. Can someone confirm they are Glenwalls? I cannot seem to attach a photo but I haven't come across any wall-mounted American Standard toilets other than Glenwalls. I didn't want to assume and buy another toilet only to find out it doesn't fit.
2. From what I've read, you cannot retrofit a gravity flush bowl with a pressure assisted tank e.g. Sloan Flushmate. It seems the the only option I have is to purchase a newer model pressure assisted Glenwall. Are there alternative pressure assist toilets that match up with the wall carrier?
3. Finally, if I purchase a pressure assisted Glenwall, are the newer models equipped with the newer Flushmates that don't have the cracking tank issue (i.e. the exploding toilet stories I've read).

Thanks for any help.