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Thread: kitchen sink installation

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    Default kitchen sink installation

    purchased acri-tec drop in sink... instructions say run bead of chaulk under lip and drop into place.
    installed sink and 16hrs later the sink lifted right out

    there are no clmps listed or included is there a kit i can get to install the i gues self rimming sink

    they can be seen at acritec.com this isnt spam i just want to get the darn sink installed

    would plumbers putty do a better job

    also strainer basket rubber gasket under lip on top inside of sink or under sink


    sorry fo the re post i posted it in the wrong section the first time i think

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    1 of 2 things happened. The hole you droped the sink into was a little to small for the sink and the caulk did not come into contact with the counter top or there was not enough caulk, bead of caulk was to small.

    Let the old caulk cure and then remove it well, silicone caulk does not like to stick to it's self. Dry fit the sink and be sure the area of the counter top where the caulk will be conacts the sink bottom. The counter must be clean and dry apply 1/4" or so bead of caulk to the sink and carefuly install sink. When you look at the sink edge, before you install it, with the caulk on it you should be able to see that the caulk will touch the counter when installed.

    The basket strainer has a rubber and paper washer they both go under the sink, rubber to the sink bottom then the paper(friction) washer next. The friction washer lets you tighten the large nut. Use plumbers putty between the top side of sink and basket strainer unless Mfr. or instalation instructions say not to. Read them.

    Have fun !!!!!
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    thanks for the suggestions i put the chaulk on the lip of the sink so i know it made contact like another guy suggested maybe i used the wrong chaulk i used regular bath ans tile chaulk maybe i should use a more adhesive one

    thanks again

    oh by the way im not having fun (lol)


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