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Thread: Subfloor fix and new flange?

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    Default Subfloor fix and new flange?

    I have to replace a flange and some 3/4 plywood around an upstairs toilet. It is 4" ABS pipe with an ABS/plastic flange. How do I replace the flange/sleeve? Can I insert a flange/insert into the existing pipe or will the smaller size "bottleneck" the toilet waste?

    Thanks! Tom


    Will this work? And does the new flange sit flush to the 3/4" plywood?
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    That flange will fit into a 4" fitting or over a 3" pipe. It will NOT fit into a 4" closet bend. SOME 3" hub closet flanges are sized to fit into a 4" pipe snug enough so they can be cemented in, but NOT all will work that way.
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