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Thread: kitchen sink installation

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    Default kitchen sink installation

    purchased acri-tec drop in sink... instructions say run bead of chaulk under lip and drop into place.
    installed sink and 16hrs later the sink lifted right out

    there are no clmps listed or included is there a kit i can get to install the i gues self rimming sink

    they can be seen at acritec.com this isnt spam i just want to get the darn sink installed

    would plumbers putty do a better job

    also strainer basket rubber gasket under lip on top inside of sink or under sink


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    Default sink

    You did not use an adhesive caulk. Putty of any kind is not adhesive so the sink would still come loose. Use the plumber's putty between the drain and the sink with the rubber gasket on the bottom, unless there are two rubber gaskets in which case the thin one goes on top.

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    use phenoseal caulk (non yellowing adhesive) then put weight in the sink. clean excess with damp sponge.

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    i give it a try
    i was using tub and tile chaulk thats what the guy told me at the store


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