Hello Everyone! I had an old gas water heater (I think about 20 years old!) so I had it replaced with a new gas water heater about 6 months ago. Last week the pilot light went out and I couldn't get it to restart. So I called the gas company and they came out and restarted it. He said he doesn't know what caused it to go out, it is the new kind of water heater that will go out if air flow is blocked (he said that wasn't the problem) or if there is some other problem. So he couldn't find anything wrong and left. After that the water was still cold so I set the temperature to as high as it could go (3 notches higher than I used to set it). Now if I run the hot water for a while (no cold at all) I can take a warm shower, but not as hot as it used to get and i'm not even using any cold! So I called again and the gas guy came back and used his thermometer and said the water is consistently at like 105 degrees (and did get up to 117) so there isn't any problem.

But I think there is a problem because the water heater isn't behaving the way it did a week ago before the pilot light went out for no reason. I feel like a normal shower is not having the hot tap on all way with zero cold. My husband thinks i'm crazy and that there isn't a problem, but I think there is. I feel the water is not getting hot enough, and I read online that in the dishwasher you want around 125 degrees to kill germs.

Am I wrong? And thank you all for any help with this, I am so frustrated by it and I keep getting charged to have the gas guy come and tell me nothing is wrong.