We are re-doing our small first floor powder room and have decided on the Toto Ultramax II toilet. The powder room is 4 feet deep as you enter, and 4.5 feet wide. The toilet will set in the back left hand side of the room as you enter, and will be located next to a wall (to the left of the toilet as you face it). An 18" wide Ronbow cabinet and sink will be located on the back, right hand side of the room as you enter. The right hand side of the sink (as you face it) will be approximately 2" from the right wall as you enter. Although we nave not ordered the toilet yet, and knowing that the trip lever is side mounted, I was wondering if ordering a left hand trip lever is wise, considering that it will be close to the left wall of the powder room?

Also, how much clearance is required from the left side of the toilet to the wall, if a left hand trip lever toilet is installed? I was wondering if it will be difficult to change the trip lever in this configuration?

Also, if I decide to order the Toto with a right hand trip lever, I was wondering whether replacement Toto trip levers for the UmaxII come in right handed models or do you just install a "standard" lever in the upside down position? If the latter, then the handle would point "down" on the right side as you face it, rather than "up" (i.e., the correct orientation, if you press down to flush). I will try to call their customer service when I get a chance.

I'm thinking that the model with the right hand trip lever may be easier to flush in this small powder room (and ADA compliant!)

Thank you for your advice.