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Thread: Dirty well water

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    Hi, we were filling our pool and forgot the water was on. The well ran dry and started pumping up sand. Our water has returned and we are able to shower and use the faucets. However the water is still dirty in the toilets. Is there something we can do to clean them out? How long should this last? Thanks!

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    You should always be careful about overdrawing your well. Use your water sparingly for the next day or so. Eventually it will clear up and the sediment will settle back down to the bottom. You should look into getting yourself a dirt & rust filter. They save big headaches!!

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    Yeah you could have overdrawn the well as the Dr says. If so it may clear up in a few days as the water level returns to normal.

    You also could have stirred up the well if the pump was cycling on and off for a long time. If you were just filling the pool with one hose, that maybe the case. If cycling on and off is what stirred up the well, you may need to open up a big pipe or run several hoses at once to pump the well clean.

    If you have a low producing well, you may have overdrawn the well even with only one hose and the pump cycling on and off the entire time. In this case you may still need to pump the well hard to clean it up, and with a low producing well sometimes this takes many attempts.

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