I am a true "newbie" - and quite confused at this point! I can't determine if we need a new well, or whether there may be another problem. I am sorry for the length of the post, but I wanted to include information that I have seen in other posts, that may, or may not be, relevant to my problem.

I have been in my house for 6 years. At the time we purchased the house, the well failed the flow test. The sellers drilled the existing well deeper - I believe the well is around 400- 500 feet in rock, with a submersible 1 hp pump that was replaced in July, 2002. We also have a pumptec and a 202 well x-trol pressure tank. We do have a Culligan water conditioning system. When the tank is full of water, the pressure gauge reads 65 psi. I am told that the prior owners used to get sand in the water - we have never had that occur.

For several years we had no problems with water supply. As little as 18 months ago, I could have the hose running for up to an hour without running out of water. Over time, water supply has become a problem. We thought, initially, that we needed a new well. However, the problem we have with the water supply is not consistent. There are times when we have no water after a single shower - other times I can do three loads of wash. I also noticed that when we do not have water, that shutting off the water supply to the toilets seemed to generate water quicker than not.

Today I was determined to figure out the problem. I drained all the water from the tank, shut off the pump, and measured the pressure in the tank - it was zero. From what I have read, that seems to indicate a problem.

We pressurized the tank to 38 psi - however, no water for at least a full hour. I measured the pressure again, and it held at 38 psi. However, as soon as I turn on the water, the pressure plummets and the tank empties and we are out of water again. My understanding is that this tank only holds a couple of gallons of water.

Does my lack of supply of water have anything to do with the pressure in the tank? If not, then why is the pumptec is not shutting off the pump if we are, in fact, out of water? I thought that was the purpose of the pumptec.

Our well driller was here about 8 weeks ago and "witched" for a good spot for a new well; the spot he chose was about twenty or thirty feet from the existing well on a downgrade. Given the expense of drilling a new well, I really want to make sure we need it. How do I know if there is water in my well??

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be sooo appreciated!

Cindy M