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Thread: Water storage tank replacement

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    Default Water storage tank replacement

    I am helping a neighbor replace his 1500 gallon water tank.
    He had a contractor build a new platform for the new tank.
    the well pump head is down the hill from the tank.
    He has a booster pump and a pressure tank next to the storage tank.
    The existing system seems to be working fine except for the leak in the storage tank.
    the existing system has a tee before the inlet of the booster pump allowing the supply from the well to enter the bottom of the storage tank.
    In repiping the booster pump to the new tank, I would like to know the effect of pumping the water into the top of the storage tank from the well pump and then piping from the tanks bottom outlet to the booster pump and pressure tank.

    thanks in advance for your advice

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    Pumping into the top of the tank is fine. Just need to make sure it doesn't cause waves that make your float switch bounce the pump on and off.

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