Hello, first I would like to say that this is an excellent site and thanks for all the info provided.

My question,

I'm interested in installing a whole house filtration system on my house. The house is fed off of a well and has 4 bathrooms. The pump is roughly 15-18gpm per well service and I am wanting to do this myself.

Water test results

Bicarbonate 521.5mg/l
Carbonate <0.1mg/l
Total Akallininty 427.5mg/l as CaCo3
chloride 1.6mg/l
Fluoride 5.30mg/l
Nitrate Nitrogen<0.02mg/l
ph units 8.20
potassium .9 total mg/l
calcium .4 total mg/l
magnesium <0.1 mg/l
sodium 208.2 mg/l
total hardness 1.2 mg/l as CaCo3
sulfate <.1 mg/l
total dissolved solids 552 mg/l

I would like to know what equipment is recommended to reduce The flouride,total alkalynity,sodium and dissolved solids.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

thanks Brent