Trying to figure out the salt dosage settings on this Fleck head though I believe the following would apply to most electronic heads. It is a downflow brining head. Although it has a salt dosage in the menu it is only available for the upflow configuration. I can set the head to be upflow, but the valve body isn't set up for it and I don't know what happens if I set it to upflow. Does it open the valves to do down flow, but provide the other setting features offered in upflow? I haven't tried experimenting yet.


So I assume that I need to control salt dosage based on the following:

1. Resin Volume
2. BFLC flow rate
3 Salt dosage

From these numbers I can calculate the required brine and rinse time.

So for my system:

Resin Vol = 1.5 cuft (Nominal 48K grains capacity)
BFLC = .125 gpm
Salt dosage = 6#/cuft

The other required bit of info is the amount of salt in the brine. Brine Conc = 3#/gal is assumed. I have seen it listed as low as 2.6#/gal

The calcs run like this (in my head):

Salt required = Resin Vol * Dosage = 1.5 cuft * 6#/cuft = 9 # of salt

Brine (gal) = Salt Req / Brine Conc = 9#/(3#/gal) = 3 gal of brine.

Brine&Rinse time = Brine/BFLC flowrate = 3 gal/(.125gal/min) = 24 min

Does that seem correct? I can't see another way the amount of salt could be controlled.

The remaining question is what to enter for system capacity on this Metered valve. The nominal capacity is 48kgr, but that is at a salt dosage of 15#/cuft. My understanding that

Salt Dosage Capacity
6#/cuft 20Kgr/cuft
15#/cuft 32Kgr/cuft

so my system capacity is

48Kgr * (20kgr/cuft)/(32kgr/cuft) = 32Kgr.

My assumption is that 32kgr is the proper number to enter for capacity in the setup for this head.

My understanding is that for a given head/valve/resin tank combo the brine time is what controls the salt dosage. For a bigger BFLC flow rate, less time is needed, for a larger resin volume more time is needed.

My other understanding is that the system capacity setting on any head must be set to a compensated level based upon salt dosage. The exception to this would be a head that allows you to set the salt dosage directly. In that case the head does the above math and sets the brine time appropriately.

The people that sold me my unit are telling me that setting for lower salt dosages is a flawed concept and their setup instructions do not adjust brine time for system capacity. I just can't believe that is true from everything I have read.