I know there isn't much difference in energy savings going from tank to tankless electric heaters. I own a condo that I visit only once or twice a month, so I was thinking it would be a good option. I am only going to install an 18kw 2.3gpm model. I live in Florida, so the groundwater isn't cold. My questions primarily involve brand and gpm.

What brands do you recommend? Here are the ones I am looking into:

-Powerstar A115 (Bosch)
Seems to have bad reviews or mixed reviews


Not sure if they make it in a size I want


I am leaning towards the Ecosmart. It uses standard heating elements that are easily replaced and comes with a good warranty. I have never heard of this brand, however.

My next question involves gpm. Is 2.3gpm sufficient for a whole house system? I'm guessing it would be since some showers only use 1.5gpm shower heads. What type of temperatures can I expect if 2 showers are running at the same time? I believe the ground water is 65 degrees.