My basement floor waste plumbing is 8' below street level, which requires a solid waste ejector pump. This drain line includes an in-floor collector tank a pump (2" pipe outlet), followed by a check valve, then some sort of 2" plastic ball valve. The 2" pipe then proceeds upward from the ball valve and ties into the horizontal 3" main in the ceiling.

My question concerns this 2" ball valve. This thing is jammed so it cannot be opened or closed, and has been this way for the 12 years I have owned his home. My (new) pump behaves very erratically and I have come to suspect waste becomes stuck in or around this valve. I have decided to remove it.

Do I really need this in-line ball valve if I have the check valve to hold back the remaining waste in the line whenever I need to change replace the pump?

thanx in advance for the help.