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Thread: Building a Custom Electric Mirror - Sometimes simple is best!

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    Default Building a Custom Electric Mirror - How to make one

    I have never installed an electric mirror on any of my projects but did see one go in on another builders job about three months ago. I love these mirrors! If you have not visited the website from Electric Mirror you should go take a look. The website for Electric Mirror is here.

    After looking at all the sizes and styles it became clear that we would need a custom mirror and I started the process of getting one made. One thing I hate is having a middle man involved and that is just what I faced here in Vancouver. In order to get a custom mirror I had to first draw it up and then process my order through the local Vancouver fixture store. Well their in Vancouver close to Richmond and I'm in North Vancouver - and what about the cost of a custom mirror???

    As luck would have it I was shipping off a couple drain samples and stumbled upon a custom Glass store. I have been looking for some slumped glass for a shower bench and went in to check out this new shop. What did I find inside? Three versions of the Electric Mirrors!!! Not only that the owner (Moe) was one sight and I got to chat with him from everything from power supplies to french cleats. We designed the mirror together and Moe told me what to prepare for his arrival with the new electric mirror.

    I was blown away at how simple these builds are and can imagine that anyone with a good skill set can pull off building one of these mirrors. I'll be prepping the project these week for the mirror and need to run some low voltage wire for the warm LED's we will be using.

    I'll post a few play by play shots as I think many of you will love the look of this bathroom mirror. The mirror is the last step in a long drawn out renovation that involved firing the original contractor and bringing me and my team in to fix all the problems.

    Stand by for updates.

    In the meantime if anyone else has designed and built an electric mirror I would love to see what you did.

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