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Thread: removing a bathtub

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    Default removing a bathtub

    Hello all,

    I am planning to remodel my master bathroom. I have some boring looking white tiles in the shower room, on the vanity, and around the bathtub. I would like to replace them w/ some warmer looking tile. Also replacing the carpet floor w/ tiles. I have few questions for DIY gurus and pros here:

    1) I have a 1 handle shower head (as pictured) and would like to add a wall mount shower handheld shower head (some thing like picture here ). What is the easiest way to do this? Do I need to change my plumbing? Do I need a second handle to control the handheld unit?

    2) I need to retile around the bathtub. How do I remove the bathtub without damaging it? I would like to reuse it since it in very good shape. How can I disconnect from the drain? In what order should I attack this bathtub?

    3) I might change the shower handles and heads. Do I need to worry about choosing a model that matches my valves? How can I tell which is compatible?

    Many thanks
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