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Thread: removing a bathtub

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    Default removing a bathtub

    Hello all,

    I am planning to remodel my master bathroom. I have some boring looking white tiles in the shower room, on the vanity, and around the bathtub. I would like to replace them w/ some warmer looking tile. Also replacing the carpet floor w/ tiles. I have few questions for DIY gurus and pros here:

    1) I have a 1 handle shower head (as pictured) and would like to add a wall mount shower handheld shower head (some thing like picture here ). What is the easiest way to do this? Do I need to change my plumbing? Do I need a second handle to control the handheld unit?

    2) I need to retile around the bathtub. How do I remove the bathtub without damaging it? I would like to reuse it since it in very good shape. How can I disconnect from the drain? In what order should I attack this bathtub?

    3) I might change the shower handles and heads. Do I need to worry about choosing a model that matches my valves? How can I tell which is compatible?

    Many thanks
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    Jerome I do not think you will need to remove that tub of yours. Most likely it is sitting pretty and once you start removing tiles you will need to support the tub with little 3/4" or 5/8" shims. Most plumbers will leave the tub off the tub deck this amount so the tiler can slide his/her tile under the tub.

    As for new handles and such that is a question for the plumbers. Adding new handles to an old filler is normally not a hard process as many times the parts are universal but on occassion you might need a reducer or transition piece. Your plumber can tell you. Get the tile busted off and open things up.

    If your tub was installed with cement and no bond breaker (we use poly here in Vancouver) it is installed for good and removing it might damage the tub.

    I would waterproof your tub deck if you have not already planned to do this. Depending on how the tub deck was built this can be a easy or hard task. Get it opened up more and repost some pictures for use.


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    Thank a lot John. That would be wonderful if I could leave the tub in place. I thought I would have to lift it up before I could remove the tile on the top (where the tub sit on). I don't believe the tub was installed w/ cement (at the bottom of the tub right?) because it sounds hollow knocking on the bottom and side of the tub.

    I didn't get you. What is "waterproofing the tub deck"? You mean adding a membrane (like schluter or redguard) and tile over? It didn't occurs too me but that's a great idea since I will have some left over from the shower room.

    Mrs Jerome insisted to have a budget estimate for the remodel before I get the go ahead... so here I am trying to see what will be replaced during the remodel.

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