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Thread: 6" deep well pump help

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    Default 6" deep well pump help

    Quote Originally Posted by 1960 rancher View Post
    Bob, I set the cut off @ 30psi due to the max the pump would put out. Is it worth while to rebuild or clean out the pump or just get a new one? Thanks.
    Pressure is good for about 15 Mins.then pressure drops to 0. I can shut off breaker for a couple of mins.then cut breaker back on and water pressure will build back up. I have plenty of water.

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    I started a new thread for you. If you are sure you have plenty of water, the overload in your motor is probalby tripping out. It just takes a few minutes for it to reset itself. If this is the case, it will come back on in a few minutes without cycling the breaker on and off.

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