I have a *floor hatch*
Floor hatch is composed of 2 layers of 3/4 Baltic Birch, mud and then tile.
It's one heavy sunnva bitch.
I only really need access to open it when I need access to the main house cleanout and our main water shutoff. I have 2 pull latches to remove it

Fast forward to now.
The hatch is supported by 2 sides of the *Rough Opening*.
Due to the floor being raised with SLC, I addedfast setting mud (Mapecem) and ~scribed~ it with my homemade scribe with was the depth of the hatch.

The results were bleh - as there is a low spot on opposite sides of the form - so the hatch rocks.
I CAN use leveling legs screwed to the bottom of the hath cover but I'd prefer not to.

So I'm planning to get the chipping hammer out, remove some mud out of the form and plan to remud and make this work.

Picked up 2 large suction cup - glass handeleres -
I plan to mud, let it set for a bit (note the mud is rapidset), slowly lower the cover onto the form via holding it with the suction cup handles, and just press down.

I DON'T THINK THIS WILL WORK as I'm not *cutting* into it to screed it but just placing the heavy cover on to get it's level to the floor.

Suggestions. Ideas. I'm stumped.....