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Thread: Pump Tech comes on at preset time,but also comes on randomly inbetween

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    Default New problem

    Let me set the stage :

    My pump tech and the larger box that contains the 2 capicitors are connected back to back right on top of the well pipe,head or top. whatever its called.
    I have been lifting the face of the pumptec to engage/disengage the pump to pump water these last few days.

    I just noticed when I depress the pumptec cover to connect and start the pump the capacitor box jumps,each second about for 4 seconds,but I disconnected the pumptec to stop it by that time.
    Its like its starting and then stopping the pump every second. That is why the capacitor box/well jumps each time. Normally though ,there is no "jumping" or "torque" noticed when I engage the pump repeated times.

    I depressed the cover on the pumptec firmly so there couldnt have been sloppy contact on and off while I was depressing the cover.
    This cover was depressed firmly and the green light was on the whole time the pump /box was jumping every second i had the pumptec cover depressed for contact.

    I hope thats clear? what does that tell you?
    Again,Test or replace the float sensor?
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    Float problem?
    I held the Pumptec face panel in to make contact and turn the pump power on. While it was pumping water,
    I had a friend hold the float in an up position and then a down position. There was no change in pump operation.
    The water never stopped pumping in with the float in either position and it should have.
    Right after this I decided to ingage disingaged the power and got none of the torque or banging of the larger capacitor box/well head I mentioned in my last post.

    now , it sound like I have two issues. The float malfunction and the pumptec problem .
    What are the chances that these are two separate failure at near the same time.unless one is related or causes the other?
    Im thinking cheap insurance to just replace both without wasting more time, as the cost is still cheap enough insurance to go risk damaging the pump.

    Whats recommended now? Replace the float first and see if theres any change in how pumptec works ? or are the malfunctions both unrelated so i should swap them both out?
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    Default Summary of recent pump head noise

    Since the last post I have manually started the pump, as described, about 4 times and it pumped water without a hitch .
    This ,afternoon,i once again manually started the pump . It ran 11 minutes but at 3 separate times during the pumping the well head area "jumped",thumped ( 1 sec per thump)etc, as i have tried to describe in recent posts .
    Sorry,that I keep going on with descriptions.Im just trying to clarify the sounds & motion that occurs just to besure theres no mistake..
    My last example is : it reminds me of a starter when it cranks and kickbacks sort of sound or motion.
    Ok ive beat the discription to death,and youall probaly knew, originally, what i was describing, so Ill try and stop it now.

    You mentioned the float switch might be doing this 'jump starting' thump i hear and see.
    Guess ill just replace the switch and pump tec.
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    Help please...
    I recently purchased a home (6 years old) outside of town that is equipped with a 129 foot drilled well, 3000 gallon cistern, a pumptec, a well rite tank, and kinetico filtration/softener system...
    Within days of taking possession of the home we ran out of water. In checking I found the cistern was empty, which led me to believe that the well must not be pumping any water. The power light on the pumptec was on, as was the "tripped" light. In seeing this I turned off the breaker at the panel in fear that something may burn out (well pump, etc).
    I ordered a load of water (3000 gallons) and had the cistern filled. In checking 3 weeks later (the cistern level) I realized that the cistern was down to about 1/3 full... This leads me to believe that we are running completely on cistern water and the well is not producing water?
    The previous owners indicated that they never had a problem with water supply, but had the cistern installed as the well was a slow recovery.
    Please help me to understand the following:
    1) Is the Pumptec supposed to trip regularly? When it does, does it reset itself or was I right to turn off the breaker?
    2) When the Pumptec IS tripped, is it normal for the pressure tank to show 0 PSI?
    3) Does the drilled well pump directly to the house, or through the cistern? If directly to the house, how does it fill the cistern?
    4) What is a normal recovery rate for a slow recovery drilled well (GPM)?
    5) Is there a simple way for me to adjust the timing on the pumptec (to pump 4 minutes/hour for example)? Is there benefit to doing this?

    Is there anything further I should know? Please note that I am a "city" boy and this is all quite new to me. Input is greatly appreciated.

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    I hope you got some kind of warranty with the house. The well probably wasn’t working when you checked out the house. The water in the cistern will last quite a while. Now that the cistern is full, you will have to hold the float switch down to see if the pump will start. The float switch starts the pump and turns it off when the cistern is full. But the pumptec may start and stop the pump many times according to the water level in the well. Well full of water, pump runs. Well empty, pump is off. And this cycle repeats until the float switch “floats”.

    There should be another pump in the cistern that provides water to the house.

    You are no longer a “city boy”. You have to learn how that system works or be out of water at the worst possible times. You can pay someone to maintain it for you, but even then you maybe out of water on a holiday. Study “low producing wells”, and “cisterns with booster pumps”.

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    Default never mind,problem solved

    post deleted, as I discovered the problem. Too long and stupid to 'splain.
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