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Thread: RV outlet

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    Here is an experience I had last fall that I though was pretty amazing.....

    I jog and walk a lot.....Has helped to keep me in decent shape and I will be 65 next birthday.....been doing it 25+ years.

    Was going down a busy road a couple miles from my house.....It's a 2 lane with a lot of traffic.....Looked down at the cement sidewalk and apron on a driveway into a BMW dealership.......The cement was burned black and literally turned to glass. I stooped over and picked up glass fragments and put them in my pocket. I could tell it was from an electrical short. Looked up and saw the primaries were across the street and secondary transformers were on one of the poles. The service drop for the street lights had been butt spiced and I reasoned that the wires had been severed by a truck......just like at my own home a couple years ago.....but the hots either shorted or they shorted to the ground cable as they layed on the ground and probably made a real nice light show......Saw the same thing happen down the street when a home servcie drop hit the ground and laid there burning the asphalt.......

    This time the sand in the cement was turned literally to black glass from the heat........

    There's a heck of a lot of energy on those 2 wires coming down from the pole to your house......Don't mess with it....The primary side fuse above the transformer did not blow when I have seen these incidents.......

    I have seen those fuses blow and it was when power company lineman were attemting to power up abuilding after a set of transformers were changed....They had an issue with one transformer and it blew 3 fuses before they got it straightened out.......and power restored....
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