I have two bathrooms next to each other and the toilets are mounted in the same location in each bathroom. We have measured and the toilets are in exactly the same spot, back to back. One is a mid-70s American Standard and the other is a newer (1990?) Kohler. I have to replace the old AS. We have had surprises with the plumbing in this house. So before we open the wall we'd like to have some clues. Three questions:
1- AS told me that given the age of the carrier, that we should replace it. Has that been your experience?
2- is there any chance that both of the toilets are mounted on the same carrier? If so, could the Kohler have been mounted on the original AS carrier?
3- if there are two carriers in the wall, do you have any idea if there will be enough room to install a tank system carrier to replace the AS carrier?
Really appreciate your help.