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Thread: Big Old Generac- Model 8515-0. Looking for information, parts and advice.

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    Default Big Old Generac- Model 8515-0. Looking for information, parts and advice.

    I have a Generac 8515-0 which came from the factory with a short-block Chevy V-8. The engine runs great and is easy to find parts for. The generator is virtually maintenance-free and works like a champ, providing about 160 Amps, 3 Phase for hours without complaint. (It's got 200A mains).
    But the control system is getting old and tired.
    The weekly "exercise" feature stopped working about a year ago, but it would fire up by switching to manual and hitting the start button.
    Then, about 6 months ago, we had a power outage and it didn't automatically start. I tried firing it up manually, but it didn't do anything.
    As a last resort, I just ran a wire directly to the starter solenoid. It started up and ran fine 'til power was restored.
    After cleaning and applying dialectric grease to all of the connectors that go from the circuit boards to the wiring harnesses it started working normally again,
    but I'm worried that they will eventually fail. I've been thinking about removing the plug and connector, and soldering the wires straight to the board.
    Then, provide them with support so they don't bounce around when the generator is running. Any thoughts on this idea?
    And, while you're here-
    Do you know where I can find a manual with schematics and replacement parts listed? I'd like to get a new oil-pressure sensor, coolant temp. sensor, etc.
    And, spares for the two control boards, #057358 and 063545. I've looked everywhere I can but haven't been able to find them.
    Thanks for any input.
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    I work for a generator service company. We repair all kinds of units but generally Generacs are not highly regarded and anything old would be recommended to be replaced. Old machines had old controls with relays and sometimes open contact points....and todays equipment has PC boards.....The old stuff may have been fine and may still work but like a lot of old equipment......parts and service for something like this is difficult....

    Backup generators are called on for use usually in difficult condtions.......and if you want something to work in a power failure when weather is often an issue......well you have to ditch the old stuff.....Or figure out how to make it work on your own......If you called us for parts my parts man would probably not be able to help you as he is very busy keeping our field techs supplied with parts and info all day......

    I have worked on some older Generacs myself.....big and small block Chevy engines......No way you will find much for one....

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