Found this forum while looking for a solution to my problem - looks like a great place for newbies like me. Hope some of you can find time to help me out here.

The shower valve in our master bath started leaking about a week ago - the water was dripping from the shower handle's base to the wall tiles and to the floor. We moved in this house about 4 years ago and the previous owner did not leave any documentation about the plumbing (make or model), though it is definitely not older than 10-12 years. I could not find any identification on the shower handle itself or anywhere else on any other shower parts. I opened up the valve and took out the cartridge only to find that there was no identification on it either. I have searched on the net for several hours, but have not found anything like it.

Some of the other plumbing (where there is an ID to be found) in our house is Pfister, so I guessed this one was a Pfister too. But when I called their helpline, the person there went through a bunch of questions with me and told me that its the "0x8-310A" valve and the cartridge is "974-042". When I searched for this one, it does not look anything like the one I have so now I am not sure if it is even Pfister. Any help from this community will be greatly appreciated. I am attaching some pictures of the cartridge and the in-wall fitting.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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