Hey guys,

I have very little experience of swimming pool lights. I've changed a few bulbs, and replaced a housing.

But I am up against a problem I had not seen before.

This is a 400w bulb in a water-tight (well, it was) housing about 18" below the water surface.

The client's kids were in the pool the other day when volts started to leak into the water. They managed to get out and then figured out to turn off the light. As it turns out, you guessed it, there was no GFI. No big deal to set that straight.

But my limited experience with these lights is that the cord comes from the factory fitted to the lamp housing, you will never rebuild it like a table lamp. And the cord runs thru a conduit that turns up to a j box.

And it should be free. If one wants to install a new unit, one just pulls the old one out and fishes the cable for the new one in.

BUT. For some reason the cord at the back of the niche that should hold a new lamp is sealed with a brittle white product. I had a kid go in the pool and chisel away at that for a little while, but he did not free it up.

I am on the verge of buying a hand brace (a tool that you'd expect to see some Amish guy using to bore a hole) and drill right thru the wire with a ship's auger that is a little larger than the cord of the new unit.

Has anyone got experience in this sort of mess?