We had a ws1 clack installed in 2004 here in southern Georgia.

We lived in the house for a year, but had renters in the intervening years. We're now back in the house and suspect our renters weren't putting enough (any) salt in the system because there is an amazing heavy build up of limescale (i think) in the dishwasher and on the plumbing fixtures throughout the home.

My husband is also convince the water is not "soft" even though we replenished the salt and the system appears to run.

He thought the water levels were a bit high so we called a Culligan guy to come look at it. After a cursory glance at the system he determined the piston isn't working correctly and said it would $150 for the part which is fine, but I've priced the piston on line and it appears to be less than $10. Could that be right? Is there an entire assembly that is necessary to replace? My husband would operate on himself if I let him and is itching to do the work himself.

I wasn't sure the Culligan guy knew what he was talking about so had the guy who installed the system come take a look. He pulled things apart and messed with the hose in the salt reservoir and determined the entire valve assembly (with digital components) needs to be replaced. He said the cost would be $475 and that actually looks accurate, but the system only cost 800 7 years ago so is replacing that entire assembly really worth it or should we start over?

Thanks for your help!