I am tearing out my tub surround tiles and walls and would like to update my 40 year old valves and trim. My cast iron tub is in good condition and will be kept.

Two adults and two children use this tub/shower nearly daily. We only have one and half baths so I would like to try and start it in two weeks and get it done in five full days leaving me one day to do the plumbing and fitting. I have managed int eh past to do several jobs sweating/brazing copper to copper/brass without burning down the house or having leaks so am confident I can install everything needed.

Since my kids are six and ten I will be installing a slide shower, with or without a main showerhead as well.

My kids are girls, and they and my wife like to take long showers washing their hair etc, and have from stays in Europe gotten very used to showering with the water off half the time. this has always been a PITA with our old desperate hot cold with center mounted diverted since the temperature has to be reset.

Long story short, here is what I want:

1. valve and trim that will allow stopping of water and recovery at approximately same temps (+/-3 of pressure seems ok for that). I dont want to have to cycle through the cold because the kids may just leave the water on
2. diverter /transfer valve that remains fixed when water is stopped (is doesn't come out tub spout first when turning flow back on).

also possibly in order of desirability:
3. addition of fixed head
4. use of fixed head and hand shower concurrently
5 flow control

my budget for valves, trim heads etc is $500 to $600.

I see a 8343 moen set up for $360:

looks like that gives me 2 and 3.

Ideas? Advise?

Thanks in advance.