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Thread: Advice and Help Identifying Mixet Shower Valve Cartridge

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    Default Advice and Help Identifying Mixet Shower Valve Cartridge

    Hi Y'all,

    Sorry for the long message, but I want to be thorough!

    Here's the problem. Master bath and guest bath have the same shower valve. Master bath is currently being renovated. Guest bath is not being renovated but is experiencing shower valve issues. Specifically, the guest bath shower valve at one point completely stopped - no water coming out. After about an hour of figiting, i applied a small amount of downward pressure on the knob and turned the valve on and voila, water flowed. I'm nervous that this is not going to last forever and would like to atleast replace the cartridge - if that is the correct fix.

    A few questions.
    1) Is replacing the cartridge the right thing to do?
    2) Could you help me identify the valve cartridge in this pictures attached? I'm showing full rough in from the master bath (to help in identification), but guest bath is the one with the problem (no reno being done in guest bath, none desired)
    3) In master bath - If the valve stops are only partially working (some water is passing through when "shut off") can I still replace the cartridge? I tried to remove the master bath cartridge as a test, but the stop valves don't seem to be doing their job totally, so i didn't bother with the cartridge. It appears that the hot water stop is letting water through, unsure about the cold. Also, hot water stop itself seems to be leaking (water drops come out from around the screw when stop is in shut off position).
    4) Guest bath - Should I just cut the fiber glass enclosure around the valve and replace the whole valve? Since master bath stop valves appear not to be working, maybe they won't work in the guest bath either. If so I have to stop the water in my building - I live in a condo - doable but a pain in the butt.

    Thanks for you're help yall.

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