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Thread: Water softener Controller Bangs/Sloshes when well Shuts off

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    Default Water softener Controller Bangs/Sloshes when well Shuts off

    My new water treatment system has been in for several weeks and was working great. Then, about three weeks in, there is a hammering/sloshing sound coming from the very top of the blue tank near or in the controller head. This first started happening when the well pump shut off. Then the past day, it hammers when the nearby laundry sink faucet is shut off and a nearby toilet--again, the location of the noise is identical, just not as severe as when the well shuts off.

    It's not the pipes hammering, if you put your ear up to it, you can actually hear it coming from inside the conditioner tank at the top, or inside the controller itself.

    Here is a video on YouTube where you can see the system and hear the sound.


    Note: Since the video was made, the intensity of the reaction kept getting worst. I installed a check valve and pressure gauge between the pressure tank and the conditioner and it made the problem more bearable for the time being. I'll make a new video so you can hear/see the problem as it now exists.

    Curious why it was fine for the first three weeks and then started up from nowhere.

    The well has a 30/50 switch on it and the system/house is 18 years old. Not sure what the actual cut-in and cutout pressures are. I have 2 gauges installed (one on the well and the new one I installed between the tank and the conditioner), but they differ by 3-4 pounds and I have no idea which is correct. One shows cut-in around 25 (new Simmons Gauge) and the other at 28. I need to drain the tank and check the charge pressure.

    Many thanks for any assistance.

    P.S. We sent the video to the support guy at the manufacturer of the water softener (masterwater.com):

    The sound is coming after you hear the well pump switch shuts off, and you can hear a water hammer going on it sounds like the check valve is going bad on the well system and its echoing up into the water softener.

    The unit cannot create any noise it has resin in the tank and nothing that moves its basically a plastic pipe with a screen on it.

    So I would have them replace the well check valve. If it closes and opens it’s going to cause water hammer inside the mineral tank.
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