House has 1/2 supply lines.

Custom Shower Design

Her Shower:
1 Moen Exactemp Shower Valves at 3/4" (2.5gpm at max) S3600
4 Moen Body Sprays new version at 1/2" piping (ea at 2.0gpm at max) Model TS1322
1 Moen Handshower

His Shower
1 Moen Exactemp Shower Valve at 3/4" (2.5 gpm at max)

Shower and Body sprays have independent volume controls.

Max demand her shower with everything on blast: showerhead and 4 valves = 10.5 gpm
Frequent use: Just dual showerheads at 5.0gpm

Contractor is finally willing to look at plans and says whoa big change order!
Plumber has not done any kind of pressure/flow tests, but contractor has decided to run seperate 3/4" cpvc in attic full length of house to bring 3/4 to shower. Does that make sense? Does this price make sense?
Others have said this Moen system works great with 1/2" and just stepped up to 3/4 for connections.
No Flow/Pressure tests have been completed.

NOTE: (plumber suggestion)
I have an additional 3/4" Cold water supply(Hose Spigot) right outside of bathroom wall.
20' from city meter.
(it may be 3/4, or it may be 3/4 spliced into 1/2' under ground he said)

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