I have a jet pump - what I would term a deep well jet pump for it has a 1 1/4 line and 1" line. Presumably, there is a venturi/ejector thingy attached to these two pipes, and a foot valve at the bottom. The well seal was in need of replacement (not leaking/contaminating yet, but bolts rusting to the point of crumbling). Yes, it is in a pit, on a hill, with good drainage. I am NOT contemplating changing pumps at this time.

The down pipes are black plastic. Since the seal is in need of replacement, I wanted to check the foot valve, venturi, and screen for maintenance/replacement. So, I went to pull the down pipes, and they are sticking.

I used a come-a-long to raise the pipes (simultaneously) about 2 feet. I took a pair of 2x4's and made a clamp to keep the two pipes from falling all the way down if something were to happen (my kind of luck).

So, how do I get these suckers out? Moreover, why are they so stuck? The casing is only 4", but shouldn't the foot valve only be a couple inches and the same thing with the venturi? I can imagine a little build up on the casing (steel), but enough to really grab the pipes?

I may have to shove it back down and worry about it another day, but I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance,