Below is a post of Gary's from another thread that I'd like to discuss here. The line I redacted from the second quote is in the first quote.

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When the backwash starts and gets a full flow to drain (it takes maybe a minute), unplug the control valve and let it run for 15-20 minutes and then plug it back in...
I have a question about the extended backwash. My softener has cam driven valves and so the time is not adjustable and I've always wondered why the backwash is so long. My softener dumps into my sump pit and so I can see the backwash water is crystal clear so it must be backwashing invisible dirt. Could it perhaps need the time to stir up the resin? I'd like to shorten the time, not extend it as Gary suggests.

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Before you do that, mix a 1/2 cup of Iron Out or Super IO to 2-3 gallons of water and pour that into the salt tank brine well if you have one, or down along the side of the salt if not. Wait two hours and do another manual regeneration.

Don't over fill the salt tank that salt water overflows on the floor.
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When that is finished it will go into slow rinse/brine draw (sucks salt brine out of the salt tank), time 10-12 minutes and unplug the control valve for 20 minutes and then plug it in and let the regeneration finish on its own. Then see how the water feels.
As for stopping the clock immediately after the brine/IO solution has all been sucked out of the brine tank, I fully agree with. From my experience with IO, it needs time to do its thing. I simply turn off the water and unplug the clock so that the cams don't advance. I found that works better than simply adding IO to the brine tank and letting the regen run its normal course.

It's easy to freeze time with my mechanical clock and cams, but I do wonder how it's done with electronic clocks.

I've recently switched to Morton System Saver II with resin cleaner and wonder if it will more effectively clean the resin without having to "stop the clock" as is needed with Iron Out. Reading the MSDS, the ingredients are as follows:
Sodium Chloride >99.5
Citrates <0.1
Anionic Surfactant <0.01