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Thread: Is this a rear discharge toilet?

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    A gravity tank does not work on a pressure assist bowl. The Yorkville is a pressure assist toilet.

    There is no such thing as an inexpensive rear outlet, floor mounted bowl.
    Kohler also makes a floor mount, rear outlet bowl with Flushmate.

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    What about dura it happy d 14023 or stark 3 012809 bothnof which appear to be floor mount rear outlet toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjo View Post
    stark 3 012809
    Wow. Learn something new every day.

    I still have a Philippe Starck toothbrush that they gave me when I lived in the Starck-designed Paramount Hotel in NYC for a while when it was still new. The joke was that the rooms were so small you had to step outside to change your mind. But the design was extraordinary, and he had even designed the furniture, which was so small you would expect it to be uncomfortable, but it was fabulous and very functional.

    And I admit to having had more than a few beverages at Asia de Cuba in Starck-designed Morgan's Hotel. Before that I lived in Dallas for a time, and if you lived in or visited Dallas in the mid-80s, you probably at least visited Starck Club, a notorious nightclub that he designed in The Brewery, one of the original West End nightlife spots. (Starck Club was the setting for the nightclub scenes in RoboCop.)

    He's well-admired by the European design community, so I guess it's no surprise that he'd be doing bathroom and kitchen items for Duravit. If the Paramount furniture was any indication, I'll bet those toilets are comfortable to sit on, but it is interesting that there isn't a peep in the Duravit literature about how well they work. I guess that isn't the marketing pitch. Ah, well, quel dommage.
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