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Thread: Banning the Big Gulp

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    Default Banning the Big Gulp

    Is it true that New York City is thinking of banning the Big Gulp drink?
    And do we really need someone telling us how much we can drink when we are thirsty? And how sweet it can be? If Ian was still around, he would remind us that in England, you can drink warm beer on Sunday and vegetables that have been stewed and steamed way past their usefulness. If there were any nutriments left, they would boil them some more. But at least it would be legal to consume them.

    They call it the big apple. Is it okay to eat large apples then? I suppose those are good for you. What about hot dogs. I hear they have hot dog stands there. Is there going to be a ban on those too? Or are hot dogs as good as it gets? I mean I like em, don't know how good they are for you though.

    When you look in the harbor, you see a tall lady holding a torch for newcomers to the mainland of the United States. Does she care if you like a big tall glass of soda? And are there seconds?


    laws do not perfect. They restrict. And restriction is something of which free people should always be skeptical. What's next? A restriction on the number of doughnuts you can buy? A ration of candy and pizza?
    Leonard Pitts Jr.

    Maybe they are getting too big! I think this is the one for a buck in NYC.
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